Is there a special lawyer’s vision? For us it is very clear. We live in and by the law.  

Indeed, the law is not exactly the main worry of lawyers. Lawyers are worried about the case. The case is a reality and the law is  a theory.  

But the case is a complex reality, a blend between problems and legal forms. Life and law, this is the case. The suitable place for lawyers. There are some books about the issue “reality and law”. Judges and lawyers are interested in this point of view.  

In the first third of 20 th  century a special movement of analysis called “legal realism” was born in America. Experienced lawyers, learned judges and writers thought that the authentic law is made from the case.

 Apparently, the former perspicacious movement finished.

 The management of the case permits to look for its originality because facts analysis is more genuine than the theory’s analysis. However sometimes lawyers fear to make use of new analyses without previous approval of academic world. The jurist Alan Dershowitz – “The best defence “, New York, 1982 – said something important about our job: “there are no Nobel prizes in law because law is the only profession where you lose points for originality and gain points for demonstrating that somebody else thought of your idea first”. 

We must follow a certain way of facts as a reality contained in the case. Afterwards there will come a thought to be respected.  

In conclusion , the standard thought isn’t a force which enables us to feel (able to urge)  our emotion.